Houston Farm to Table Reference Guide

Being a Locavore

As consumers we hold the ultimate power in terms of what is made available to use in terms of foods and products. By visiting local  restaurants and farmer markets we are able to support our local economy and support small scale farmers. This also ensures that as the consumer we receive the freshest and highest quality food for ourselves and our family! This is a condensed list of some of the local farm to table restaurants, coffee shops and farmers markets in the Houston area.

Farm to Table Restaurants BY area


  • Down house
  • Revival Market
  • Shade
  • Southern goods
  • Antidote Coffee ( offering lattes made with local organic grass fed milk)
  • Good Dog
  • Cafeza
  • Liberty Kitchen


  • La Table
  • True Food Kitchen
  • Peska
  • Liberty Kitchen


  • Canopy
  • Hay merchant
  • Siphon Coffee 
  • Good dog
  • Underbelly
  • Pax Americana
  • Pass & Provisions


  • Local foods
  • State of Grace
  • Ruggle's Green on Alabama
  • Ruggle's Black
  • Elevation burger (not farm to table but grass fed beef used at a drive thru restaurant is worth mentioning)
  • PondicherrI Restaurant + Bake Lab

Rice Village

  • Benjy's
  • Local Foods

Outside the 610 Loop

  • Beavers Westheimer
  • Ruggles Green City Centre
  • General public
  • Liberty Kitchen Treehouse

Farmers Markets & Super markets

  • Urban Harvest Eastside farmers Market every Saturday from 8am-12pm
  • Urban Harvest City Hall Farmers Market every Wednesday from 11am to 1:30pm
  • Whole Foods Kirby, Waugh
  • Trader Joe’s Richmond
  • Sprouts Heights Blvd
  • A Movable Feast Health Food Store
  • Georgia's Farm to Market
  • Gramen Farmers Market Store at Chimney Rock & Westminster
  • Katerra Exotics Farmers Market shop in Katy

Am I missing anything? Comment below your favorite farm to table market, restaurant or store! 

Lindsay Reno