Lindsay Reno Integrative Nutrition Therapy 

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My name is Lindsay Reno and I'm a Registered Dietitian in the Houston area focusing on Integrative Nutrition. As a Registered Dietitian my undergraduate training was primarily conventional but my passion has always been looking below the surface to uncover root causes of disease or dysfunction. I believe that as a society we should gain insight from our ancestors and incorporate whole and traditional foods into our modern day diet. My original career path was to become a Pharmacist, but after working as a Compounding Pharmacy Technician for 7 years I gained firsthand experience and insight on the standard western field of medicine. This experience ultimately convinced me that the typical approaches to addressing chronic disease in most clinics and offices around America are not just ineffective but they are also dangerous as well. Seeing the negative consequences of pharmaceutical drugs and standard medicine while also recognizing the influence of diet on our health inspired me to change my original career path. I enjoy using investigative labs and therapeutic foods with my clients to address chronic disease and improve quality of life. You should also know that I love food! By food I mean real food that is not only delicious but also food that is nourishing and makes you feel good as well! I am extremely passionate about showing people how to nourish themselves and their families with recipes that make everyone feel and preform at their best! I love to try new foods, explore new markets and visit farm to table restaurants in the Houston area in order to support local farms and businesses and learn new ways to use “food as medicine". Let's work together! 

I am CONVENIENTLY located in the Galleria area. Please note Consultations are by appointment only.